Server Rules


* We recommend that you use recording software to eliminate any questions regarding the raid. * When raiding you MUST NOT activate any persons land claim kit

* Raiding must only be done by Breaching Charges/Sledgehammers/Hacksaws and Decoders… No dismantling walls or doors, If you find a door that is built the wrong way then you MUST consult an admin for advice.

* Clans must only be groups of 8 and no more.

* No taking over peoples bases, If you find a base that is abandoned then consult an admin for help and we can look into this.

* You must not log off in another persons base unless you are part of that Group/Have the owner of the bases permission.

* No building inside or outside to help with raids

* No placing objects to get in or out or to block entrances of peoples bases and raids

* Player boosting to gain access to a base IS allowed

* If you get into a base without Raiding tools then it is your responsibility to get out of the base WITHOUT dismantling.

* Storage items can be raided and taken

* Lockpicks can be used to raid locked vehicles

* Please report if you are planning on moving bases so an admin can come and delete your previous base. GENERAL RULES

* Respect all staff members

* NO STEALING from the safe zone (Taking stuff from peoples vehicles or weapons e.t.c)

* Racism will not be tolerated in global chat and will result in an instant ban.

* You must not have your in game name as Survivor, If seen as Survivor an admin will assist you on how to change this.

* NO SPAWN CAMPING FRESH SPAWNS. Fresh spawns can engage with each other but fully geared seen to be killing fresh spawns will be spoken to unless provoked…. what this means is if a fresh spawn attacks you in any way then it is fair game. If you have questions of the above then please visit #šŸ“„support-tickets on the discord and an admin will respond to you once around.


*Bases may be no bigger then 5x5x3

*Door limit on bases is 14 Bases are to have atleast 1 raidable entrance No building within 800m of Small Military Zones, 1km of Bigger Military Zones

*No building within 1.2km Of Black Market and Safe Zones

*No wall stacking or going beyond the limit and doors must have fair distance

*No bases are to be floating and to be built with foundations

*To be able to build a base you will need to purchase a Land Claim Kit from Traders

*Cement mixers are available at both Safe Zones, You must provide your own Battery and wire.

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