Welcome to ImpactZ,

We are a sister server to ElementZ….. ElementZ and ImpactZ is both owned by FizZy & His Partner – Fizzy runs ElementZ – Belle Runs ImpactZ

We offer donation items in game as well as priority queue for all you gamers that would love to get in to the server faster and not have to wait inside that long queue

Priority queue will be $15 / month

We offer donation reskins of clothing and weapons. In our advertisement above is all the information needed in regards to reskins.

We have been approved by Bohemia Interactive and all Mod creators to monertize donation clothing and weapon reskins as well as priority queue.

All Donations made towards ImpactZ goes to Fizzy the owner of Both ElementZ and ImpactZ to improve the server with new updates and to the servers upkeep itself.

All donations are non refundable as per agreement and all players who donate for items will be given the option to accept that they acknowledge all donations are non refundable before they confirm and the payment has been sent.

All Payments will be sent through paypal and will have all this information stated.


BASE RAIDING RULES/PvP RULES ‣ DOOR RAIDING ONLY – Wall raiding is not allowed. ‣ NO DISMANTLING WHEN RAIDING – If a structure is built incorrectly or cannot be raided legally, make a ticket. ‣ No Metagaming/Powergaming – No Alts – No Combat Logging ‣ No Moonwalking, Meatballing, or Glitching to gain advantage over players. ‣ Raids are to only be done with Breaching Charges / Sledgehammers / Hacksaws & Decoders. ‣ No taking over bases. If you find a base that is abandoned, make a ticket to claim the base. ‣ No logging out in another player’s base. You must ONLY log out in another player’s base WITH permission. ‣ No Spawn camping. Fresh Spawns CAN engage, and if they do then you ARE allowed to retaliate. ‣ No building during a raid on an enemy base. ‣ Do NOT access another player’s flag/land claim. ‣ No placing objects to get into or out of another player’s base. ‣ Do NOT block entrances of bases during a raid with objects or vehicles. ‣ Player boosting to gain access to a base IS allowed. (3 players MAX) ‣ If you get into a base without raid tools, it is YOUR responsibility to get out WITHOUT dismantling. ‣ Storage / Lockers CAN be raided and taken. ‣ Lockpicks CAN be used to raid locked vehicles. ‣ When raid, you are NOT allowed to drop gear / items to purposely destroy them. ‣ You ARE allowed to drop gear / items as needed WHEN TAKING STORAGE. ‣ No playing music or sounds during PVP / raids to gain advantage over, or distract other players. ‣ Building at your OWN base during a raid IS allowed within reason. You must ONLY build raidable entrances. (Doors, Hatches, Gates)

‣ WEEKEND RAID ONLY – (Fri, Sat, Sun) [Fri, 22:00 GMT – Sun, 23:59 GMT] ‣ DO NOT DISMANTLE ANY BASE OTHER THAN YOUR OWN – NO EXCEPTIONS ‣ DO NOT DM ADMINS – Please make a ticket for ALL issues. ‣ DO NOT @ ADMINS – In tickets or in discord chats. ‣ Do not hot-mic in Safezones or play music in Safezones. ‣ Respect our staff members at all times ‣ Do not leave items or vehicles unattended at Safezones. ‣ Vehicles left at the Safezone longer than 24 hours are subject to auction/deletion. – No more than 3 vehicles per group or 2 per person ‣ No griefing other player’s objects. ‣ No Stealing from Safezones – Items & Vehicles ‣ No Spawn camping / Following out of Safezones. ‣ No Safezone Camping – Do not engage players passing in or out of a 900m radius from Safezone. ‣ Toxicity/Racism will NOT be tolerated in Global Chat or Discord. ‣ Do not use “Survivor” as your in-game name. ‣ Do NOT impersonate any staff members. ‣ Do NOT advertise servers or encourage other players to switch servers. ‣ [ADMIN] identifiers are for STAFF only.

BASE BUILDING RULES ‣ Maximum Base dimensions are 4x4x4 (4 Wall Width x 4 Walls Length x 4 Wall Height) ‣ Maximum Door limit on Bases is 15 ‣ Bases are to have at least 1 raidable entrance. Top down bases are allowed. ‣ No building within 500m of Military zones. ‣ No building within 800m of any Keycard Vault Storeroom. ‣ No building within 800m of Black Market and Safe Zones. ‣ No part of any building structure should block any road. ‣ No building underground in caves or Lore areas. ‣ No wall/door stacking. Doors must be a fair distance apart. (3 Door MAX per 1×1 box) ‣ Groups/Clans may own a MAXIMUM of 2 bases. ‣ Group / Clan bases should be no closer than 400m to each other. ‣ No floating bases. Bases are to have NO more than 1 unsupported overhang from original structure.

  1. [COMPENSATION POLICY] ‣ Compensation is handled on a case-by-case basis with ImpactZ Staff. ‣ Whilst our staff tends to assume good intent, we encourage players to obtain clips of in-game issues. ‣ Make a ticket in the appropriate server, and we will work with you to handle any issue. ‣ Any player attempting to deceive staff members or encourage admin abuse will be actioned against. Tickets can be made using 📩create-ticket
  2. ‣ It’s advised to be able to clip/screenshot all issues. This makes compensation very easy on our staff. ‣ Clipping tools such as Medal.TV / Nvidia Shadowplay / Overwolf make creating game clips painless. Any breach of ImpactZ Server rules is subject to punishment according to 🕞ban-policy

BAN POLICY ‣ 1st Offence: 48 Hour Ban from the ImpactZ server. ‣ 2nd Offence: 5 Day Ban from the ImpactZ server. ‣ 3rd Offence: Permanent Ban depending on severity of behavior. * Bans may be reduced or increased at staff discretion depending on severity of behavior. * ImpactZ will uphold ANY and ALL bans in accordance with the Owners Discord Ban List. * Ban appeals may be carried out via TICKET only.

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