Donation Information

ElementZ Donation Gear


Clothing – Shirts. Pants, Gloves, Boots & Hats = $20-30 per item depending on the item in question
Plate Carriers = $20
MVS Heavy Plate Carriers = $30

MVS Warrior Helmets = $35 – There are 3 skins you have to texture with this helmet

Custom Weapon Skins

M200 = $35
M82 = $35
AS50 = $35

Any other gun of choice depending upon the model = $30-$35

Prio Queue

30 Days = $15

All items made will be placed in traders so all users are able to access the items following the rules of bohemia interactive once approved for monertization

All payments made for custom items are non refundable and please submit a ticket đź“Ądonation-tickets when donating for any of the above
If you do decide to purchase any items then Thank you and we Look forward to what we can produce for you.

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